During a natural or human-caused disaster, the Emergency Management Division activates the County Emergency Operations Center to coordinate and facilitate emergency response and recovery in Clatsop County.  Day-to-day operations include whole community planning, public outreach/education and facilitation for various emergency management committees such as the County Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPREP), Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).  The division also coordinates and facilitates emergency training with fire departments, police, volunteers, public works, medical and other emergency response agencies. 

County Liaison Staff for Emergency Management

Tiffany Brown   VIncent Aarts 300
Tiffany Brown     Emergency Manager
Vincent Aarts
Emergency Management
Coordinator, CEM, ORCEMS

Emergency Operations Plan

The Clatsop County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is an all-hazard plan describing how Clatsop County will organize and respond to events.  It establishes guidance for Clatsop County’s actions during, in response to, and short-term recovery from major emergencies or disasters.  Specifically, this EOP describes the roles and responsibilities of the County departments and personnel when an incident occurs.  The County views emergency management planning as a continuous process that is linked closely with training and exercises to establish a comprehensive preparedness agenda and culture. View the plan in the link below.

Opening of the Camp Rilea’s Emergency Operations Center


Scenes include the ribbon cutting ceremony, interior and exterior shots of the building, and community officials examining the new facililty. Includes soundbites from Tiffany Brown, Emergency Manager for Clatsop County. This new facility is designed to help county, state and federal officials communicate during times of natural disasters and emergencies. Produced by Master Sgt. Thomas Hovie Oregon National Guard Office of Public Affairs.